Story Categories

Personal Development (1)


  • Category Objective: Guide your character to maximum personal growth.
  • Reason To Play: There isn’t a more enjoyable way to learn about personal development. These stories still include the drama, suspense, and excitement of the others. Plus, you’ll get to virtually experience personal growth through your character. Stories are known to inspire and motivate us.
  • Wrong Choices: Yes.
  • Wrong Choice Result: Explanation, and redirected to choose again.
  • Multiple Endings: No.
  • Special Features/Notes: Five character stories are planned. The characters all live and interact within the same world. Get to know them from multiple perspectives, and don’t write anyone off until you play in their shoes. 😉 This category is a lovechild of Interactive Stories Online and my award-winning personal development blog, Deep Existence.

Adventure Stories (Planned)


  • Category Objective: Take your shoes off, relax, and get ready to experience an adventure of your choice. Exploration is the focus.
  • Reason To Play: Have you ever been reading a book, and thought, “I wonder what’s over there” or “I wonder what would happen if they did or said that instead.” In Adventure Stories, every decision is a true fork in the road that changes the story and the world that you’re in, just like in real life. This gives you the benefit of meaningful choices without worrying too much about choosing the best one.
  • Wrong Choices: Rare.
  • Multiple Endings: Yes.
  • Special Features/Notes: While death and wrong choices will not be a focus here, some endings will be better than others, and if you’re foolish enough, perhaps death will find you after all. Muahahahaha! 

Genre Shifter (In Progress)

genreshifter copy

  • Category Objective: Just for fun. Anything can happen. Anything.
  • Reason To Play: Have you ever been watching a serious movie and thought – wow, what if this turned into a comedy right now? It would be hilarious! Well, now you can do it. Play through the story straight, or veer off into another genre. For example, maybe you just had a tense standoff with an enemy. Then you can lighten the load with a switch to comedy. The potential for this category gives me jitters.
  • Wrong Choices: No. You’re playing through the story, and “messing around” with the genre. Bad stuff might happen, but it’s probably because you changed the story to horror!
  • Multiple Endings: Yes.
  • Special Features/Notes: This is the type of unique experience you’ll only find here. I’m most excited about this category.

Deadly Choice (Maybe)


  • Category Objective: Don’t die.
  • Reason To Play: When the stakes are as high as death, things get very exciting.
  • Wrong Choices: Yes.
  • Wrong Choice Result: DEATH.
  • Multiple Endings: Probably.
  • Special Features/Notes: This version is most like the choose your own adventure books of yesteryear, with one key difference. At Interactive Stories Online, we do our best to give every right choice a solid basis for being right. In other words, if a war is about to begin, and your choices are to go shopping for shoes, fortify your home, or cook a pizza, you should probably fortify your home (depending on how hungry you are).

Puzzle Story (Planned)

puzzlestory copy

  • Category Objective: Solve various puzzles and riddles to advance the story.
  • Reason To Play: If you like puzzles and brain teasers, now you can solve them as part of a thrilling story. That’s tough to beat.
  • Wrong Choices: YES.
  • Wrong Choice Result: Depending on the story and choice, you may have a limited number of guesses or a limited time to guess…or both!
  • Multiple Endings: Maybe.
  • Special Features/Notes: A probable genre for this is the adventure genre. Like in Indiana Jones, he has to solve some puzzles and avoid traps, or the Legend of Zelda if you’re into video games. That’s the initial idea anyways. I’m always open to suggestions!