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The interactive story blog is a combination of interactive stories and essays about interactive storytelling. The interactive stories will say (interactive) in red so you can easily distinguish between the two. Click here to read the blog.

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With five different story categories, you’re sure to find something of interest. Only at Interactive Stories Online can you switch from drama to comedy part-way through (genre shifter)! Or maybe you’re tired of having “wrong choices.” In adventure stories, there are no wrong choices – but each decision you make will completely alter the story. Read about the categories in detail here.

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Learn personal development, solve puzzles, face certain death, change the genre of the story to your choosing, or go on an adventure. Whatever you choose, it will be delivered in the form of a great story!

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Working On: The Mystery Of Paradise Island (Genre Shifter)

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10/17/15 Update: The Kickstarter was not funded, but I still plan to create this story. Sometimes people need to see and experience something before they understand its potential. Regardless of success or failure, this is something I want to do.

9/1/15 Update: The Kickstarter campaign is live! Thank you for your support. Let’s make this happen!

8/22/15 Update: I’m happy to say that this project is currently my focus. I’m taking it a step beyond the written word and making it into an audiovisual youtube adventure! I’ve hired Daniel Penz for narration and I’m working with my cousin for voice acting. I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for it soon. I also plan to do PDF version for Kickstarter backers and possibly a Kindle version.

7/15/15 Update: I’m polishing some of the prior storylines I wrote and looking for logical inaccuracies. My interest in this project has been increasing of late, as I’ve just released my latest book. I’m working on another nonfiction book now, but I could see myself being more active in finishing this adventurous multi-path tale!

2/16/15 Update: I wrote some more in the story today, including a “musical” genre path which has been fun and hilarious to write.

12/16/14 Update: I’m writing a nonfiction book right now. Afterwards, I may spend some time to finish this story, because I really want to see how it works out and if people like it.

With current plans, I think there will be about 10-20 different storylines/endings (which are already VERY different from each other). With a shifting genre, it results in some wild changes. After the introduction, you will have three choices to shift the genre (about 40-60 different possible choices total).

I want to make this a trilogy because I really like the canon storyline. The canon storyline is straight adventure genre, but believe me, you’re going to want to explore the other ones too!

About: Three friends take a joyride in Ocracoke, North Carolina, but it’s not long before it turns into a dangerous adventure. Of course, the adventure can change to romance, science fiction, thriller, comedy, and more at your choice… and that’s what makes it fun!