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Interactive storytelling is still in its infancy. The closest it’s gotten to mainstream is video games, but gaming is a very specific and unfocused version of interactive storytelling as most games focus on gameplay. My interest is primarily in the story-driven interactive experiences, and everyone does this wrong. The Meaning of a Choice First, I’ll [...]

When writing a story with choices, some story branches will be unexplored by the reader. And for the author, that’s a disconcerting fact, because the greatest piece of writing could be on an obscure path that few readers decide to take.

There are some inherent challenges in interactive storytelling, and they have not been addressed, but ignored. The same formula has generally been used for all interactive storytelling: create a scenario, give random choices, which lead to random results. It’s no wonder this medium has faded!

Interactive storytelling has far greater potential for immersion and enjoyment than has been realized. Here is my philosophy on what has been done so far in this exciting medium.